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Painting a birdie hotel

Work in Progress - My current project is painting an amazing bird hotel that was given to us by our wonderful retired neighbor. He noticed the birdhouse in our yard had lost its roof in a storm and he loved it so much he wanted to replace it. When he had it custom made he had it painted a base grey and white. He wanted me to put my touch on it. Of course I have turned it into a big project to make it perfectly beautiful for all the little birdies in the neighborhood. The hotel (I call it that because it is 4 stories and probably the biggest actual birdhouse I have ever seen) will be able to be seen from about 5 yards that all back up to each other. It stands on a very high post in the corner of 4 of the yards. We are just the lucky home that houses the base pole. Stay tuned for updated pictures and the final installation.........Yeah for tweet tweet!

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