Spotting beauty....

​I see beauty in everyday things. I am sure we all do. It is awesome that technology has come so far and we can record this beauty with our phones wherever we are. I was at Seaside Heights, NJ and spotted this on the boardwalk. Reminiscent of some of the amazing floral works of art at the Philadelphia Flower Show. As you can see, I am very inspired by flowers.....the female form and birds. I would love to have this. Maybe I will make my own? Looks like some vintage shopping is in order to find a wire torso! Quote of the day: Surround yourself with inspiration every day.

#torso #Flowers #flowershow #Feminity

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   blackbird singing in the

dead of night. Take these broken wings        and learn to fly.

   you were only waiting for this

moment to

 be free.

                     blackbird singing in the

dead of night. Take these sunken eyes                                                and learn to see.

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