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Artist Statement

As artists are the mythmakers of their time, my artwork is creating a new mythology using symbols and archetypes filtered through contemporary popular culture. The spaces I create are irrational, like Alice’s adventure, I am meeting new characters along the way, arising from my subconscious. In a constant state of flux, I am uncovering an abundant transformation of forms: molecular, bodily, natural, spiritual, sexual, and feminine. 


Since I was a child I have known my destiny was to become an artist. Throughout my entire life this has driven me. My artwork is the result of a deep internal search for personal truth which takes many physical forms. Through the creation of art I explore the journey of my individuation as a human being, and how I engage with nature and my environment.

I have always been influenced by psychology and philosophy, in particular that of Jung, Freud, and Deleuze. Each work I create, delves into the depths of my unconscious revealing truths hidden within my psyche. My work is Surrealist in its irrational nature, layering images, materials, found objects, and text with ideas. I am intrigued by storytelling, mythology, fairy tales, and nursery rhymes, in which I investigate threads of a collective unconscious. These stories flow through my work in a disjunctive Surrealist form that provides endless curiosities for the viewer. I am influenced by popular culture and the cartoons I saw as a child. The storyline for my work evolves as it is created, growing as an organism would.


My new series of mixed media work uses elements I found in nature. Each of these items has a history and new story to tell. They inspire their own works as I combine, collage, and paint them to give them a new life. They become forever immortalized and no longer apt to be discarded.  The seashells came from a variety of local beaches from the Jersey Shore and East Hampton, NY. The coral is from Aruba which I collected on my honeymoon. I combine these items with other found objects, many of which are broken, and now given a second life. All these items have been collected over numerous years just waiting for a chance to be reborn. As my past series of work was about “becoming” this series is about life and rebirth. I have become the woman, wife, and mother that I am destined to be. Now I am reflecting and giving new life to things that I have collected along my journey.

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